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Straight from the capitol of The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Leendert Masselink is running his one-man studio ‘illurama’. Settled in a former harbourbuilding, looking out over the river IJ, Leendert is working on a constant stream of illustrations and graphics in commission for a wide range of clients. Besides his work for clients he also keeps up working and experimenting on his free art- or design-works. Contributing to a series of group-and duoshows Leendert’s artworks were to be seen in a.o. Amsterdam, New York, Hong Kong and Hamburg. Due to his years of experience Leendert also got asked by several Dutch artschools in Rotterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Enschede en Zwolle to give lectures and classes or being involved in the final exams.
Leendert Masselink’s artwork usually shows a combination of handdrawn and digital techniques, in style there is often a combination of humour and a more serious approach. Leendert’s work breathes fun and poetry at the same time, his artwork is like music: file it under ‘Sophisticated Rock & Roll’


Ontwerp: Leendert Masselink